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How To Keep Condensation Under Control In Your Home

Condensation control is important in homes to prevent moisture buildup. If you home is victim to excess moisture, then here are just a few things to do to reduce the excess moisture.

Open Windows Where Possible

Ventilation in the home is vital for condensation control. It’s best to keep windows open whenever possible to help regulate the temperature inside the building. This is especially important in the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. In the bedroom at night, warm air from our breath collects and, if the window is closed, there’s nowhere for it to go. Opening a window is going to allow the moist air to escape, rather than settle in the room.

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Take Care In Kitchens & Bathrooms

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Kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms that are going to create the most moisture in the air and need condensation control. Showering, bathing, and cooking all both produce lots of warm air, so it’s best to ensure the correct ventilation. When cooking food on the hob, especially with boiling water, it’s good practice to use lids to minimise and control the amount of moisture in the air. If you have extractor fans above your oven, ensure these are used and left on for around 10 minutes after you have finished cooking.

What’s more, we recommend closing kitchen and bathroom doors during these daily tasks to prevent moisture travelling to other rooms.

Condensation Control: Dry Clothes Outside

Another culprit for contributing to warm air in your home is drying clothes inside. Though the Welsh weather makes it difficult to hang clothes outside, drying clothes indoors can cause some issues. If you are unable to make use of an outdoor space, make sure you hang clothes smartly. This could involve setting up a clothes horse in the bathroom with the windows open and closing the door.

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Install Condensation Control Unit

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At Dampshield, we supply and install condensation control and ventilation units. These units help to gently warm air and provide a central ventilation location in the property. The installation involves the fitting of a stylish diffuser that uses solar gain and warm air stratification.

Contact Us Today For Condensation Control

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