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How To Tackle Bathroom Condensation

The bathroom is one of the most damp places in the home. Therefore, you should know how to tackle any condensation issues. A good routine that takes into consideration prevention, treatment and maintenance will help you to stay on top of things. Let’s take a look at our expert recommendations.

Condensation Prevention Tips

Condensation comes as a result of moisture and high humidity. You probably notice that your mirror steams up after taking a shower. This is condensation. It won’t just affect your mirrors. It can also collect on your walls, floors and other surfaces. In an ideal world, you would be able to fully prevent this from happening. However, if you enjoy hot showers this likely won’t be possible. You can instead mitigate the amount by doing the following:

Install An Extractor Fan

All bathrooms should be fitted with extractor fans. These let the additional moisture out while also keeping the warmth in – unlike opening a window. Extractor fans can be connected to the bathroom lighting, so when the light goes on the extractor fan also comes on.

Choose Appropriate Wall Coverings

Bathroom walls are often covered in tiles or panels, and for good reason. These are waterproof and mean that moisture cannot penetrate through to the wall. Panels tend to be warmer to the touch than tiles, meaning they are even more effective at preventing condensation build up.

If you choose to paint your bathroom walls, you should use a waterproof paint that is designed specifically for use in bathrooms. Specialist paints are less likely to peel and tend to last longer than standard wall paint.

Steamed Up Bathroom

Invest In A Dehumidifier

Every household in the UK could benefit from getting a dehumidifier, although they can be pricy. These electrical devices can extract moisture from the air and collect it. If your bathroom has significant damp and condensation issues, it may be worth making an investment in a dehumidifier. Running it after your showers could reduce build-up of damp and mould.

Improve Ventilation With Condensation Control Units

Our damp control experts always recommend installing specialist condensation control units. These are designed to improve the air quality of damp homes. They filter the air and reduce the amount of moisture. This leads to healthier air, a warmer home and a reduced likelihood of mould and damp causing damage.

For Condensation Control, Choose Dampshield

If you’ve got a particularly damp bathroom and are struggling to manage the moisture, get in touch with our team of experts today. We can consult with you to discover the cause of your issues and make recommendations to improve your air quality. Get in touch today for a chat about your options.

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