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The Benefits of Timber Treatments

Timber treatments offer a variety of benefits for wood products. From floorboards to roof trusses, there are many scenarios – both protective and remedial – where these chemicals can save the structural integrity of a home, along with the health of its residents.

To emphasise the importance of timber treatments, we’ve created an overview that highlights the advantages in more detail.

What Are Timber Treatments?

Timber treatments are chemicals and techniques used to help protect or remedy wood products. The chemicals are often water based and reasonably toxic, so it’s important for manufacturers and contractors that use them to adhere to health and safety standards.

Damp Shield prioritises working within the Wood Protection Association’s guidelines in order to create a consistently safe work environment. Not only for our staff using them, but the residents of the property and the environment too.

Timber Treatment Being Applied With Spray Gun
Timber Treatment Being Performed On Floor Boards

Protective Timber Treatments

Protective timber treatments are used in various stages of wood manufacturing. The purpose of these products will affect the type of chemicals and techniques used.

Most household structural timber such as floorboards and roof joists will be treated with a protective timber treatment, such as ACQ. This chemical actively kills and deters fungi, insects and bacteria that might jeopardise the wood in the future.

Rot & Woodworm Applications

Timber is sometimes plagued with dry rot, wet rot and woodworm. This tends to be more prevalent in dated buildings where timber was never treated properly, or indeed at all.

Protective timber treatments are used to stop this from happening. However, in situations where it hasn’t worked or was never applied, products such as Sovereign Sovaq can be applied to rotting or damaged timber. This should eradicate all unwanted guests, and salvage the remaining timber before it’s too late.

These kinds of remedial treatments are likely to become more and more common as time goes by. This is due to the old untreated timber phasing out and newer, treated timber slowly replacing it.

Image 5
Dry Rot in wood

How Treatments Help Timber

Timber treatments can prolong life and prevent diseased or infested wood products. They are used in all stages of timber manufacturing, whether it’s structural or decorative. In modern day production, almost all wood is treated on a large scale to prevent the need for remedial treatments moving forward.

These are hugely beneficial because without the ability to prevent and fix afflictions such as woodworm or dry rot, large and costly structural works would be required to repair damage to a building.

Choose Damp Shield for All Your Timber Treatment Needs

If you’re looking for timber treatments for your property, then get in touch with Damp Shield. Our team of trusted experts are fully qualified to repair and condition timber products within your home. Not only this, but you’ll receive a free, no obligation quote for the work and a 30-year insured guarantee.

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