Timber Treatment Being Applied With Spray Gun

What Are Timber Treatments?

To prevent wooden structures from suffering damage, timber treatments are recommended. These treatments can protect from rot, woodworm infestation and other causes of degradation. Once timber reaches a certain amount of damage, it cannot be repaired. Therefore, it will need to be replaced, which could be expensive. Preventative treatment can extend the life of your timber, saving you money in the long run.

What Can Damage Timber?

Although timber is very strong and a popular material for many construction projects, it is very vulnerable to damage. Damp is usually the root cause, as it leads to rot, attracts insects and creates a breeding ground for fungi. Unfortunately, damp is common in UK homes, so you must keep a close eye on timber structures.

How Timber Treatments Are Carried Out

If the wood is already rotted or damaged, this will need to be handled first. The rot must be removed and the gap will need to be filled with another material to restore structural strength. It will also need to be dried out completely before anything else can be done. Once that’s been prepared, the wood is ready to have the treatment applied. Timber treatments can be brushed or sprayed on to the remaining wood. This cuts off any further growth and should put a stop to any existing dry rot. To ensure the problem doesn’t return, routine monitoring is recommended.

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Why Choose Timber Treatments?

Timber treatments are all about preservation. Instead of replacing large structural elements of your home and having to tackle all the mess and stress that comes with that, you can preserve what you already have. This is also much more sustainable and cheaper in the long run.

Timber treatments can also improve the appearance of wood features, so if you have exposed beams or even pieces of furniture that require treating, they can look a lot more vibrant.

To Treat Your Timber, Choose Dampshield

If you’ve got timber that’s suffering from rot, woodworm or any other issue, get in touch with our team today. We’re experts in damp and damp prevention, including wood treatments.

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