Wall Ties

What Are Wall Ties?

You don’t usually see wall ties, so it’s understandable that not many people will know what they are. However, they play a hugely important role in the structure of buildings. These small yet mighty features do a lot for our buildings, so we thought it would be a good idea to share a bit more information about them in this guide.

Where Are Wall Ties Used?

Wall ties are specifically associated with cavity walls. Sometimes referred to as brick ties, they connect the different sections of cavity walls together. Although they’re small, if they’re not installed properly they can lead to significant structural issues. Ineffective brick ties increase the chances of damp, cracks and even collapse.

Modern brick ties are made from stainless steel, which can last for a very long time. However, older models made from galvanised steel or plastic can corrode after only 15 years. When that happens, it’s important to seek replacement to ensure that your property is still structurally sound.

How To Spot A Failure

Wall ties don’t always last forever, particularly older types. When they fail, you need to replace them before further issues crop up. Check for indicators such as bulging or bowing brickwork, movement of the lintels, horizontal cracks and separation of the window reveals. You might also see rust staining the walls. If your neighbours are replacing their brick ties and their properties are similar in age and structure, this is also a good indicator that yours should be inspected.

cracked brick wall

What Happens If You Don’t Replace Failed Brick Ties?

Brick ties are fitted to retain the structural integrity of cavity walls. They connect the robust inner leaf to the outer leaf, which is less strong. When the brick ties fail, the outer wall isn’t always able to retain its strength, potentially leading to it collapsing.

For Wall Ties Replacement, Choose Dampshield

We can quickly replace your wall ties when they become damaged. This will ensure that your property remains structurally sound and safe. We pride ourselves on our efficient work and excellent customer service. Get in touch with our team today to book an assessment or any of our other services.

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