What Is Tanking? How Tanking Services Can Increase Property Value

Tanking is named because the service involves sealing a room completely. This barrier keeps moisture out of the room. Therefore, the treated area becomes much like a tank.

There are many reasons why you might need this service. If part of your home is below the ground, like a cellar or basement, tanking services will allow you to make better use of the room.

What Is Tanking?

Tanking is a process that involves applying a membrane or coating to an area that you want to keep water out of. This is ideal for parts of the home that are below ground level, as it prevents water from penetrating the structure. It also serves as a way of preventing rising damp.  

What Does Tanking Do To Your Property Value?

A building that’s less likely to suffer damp or water damage is always more attractive than the alternative. Tanking would reassure any potential buyers that the below-ground level of your home does not pose a risk to the rest of the house. In addition, you could also consider converting your tanked basement or cellar into a usable room.

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When you create additional living space in your home, this usually results in an increase in value. You could use your converted cellar as a new living room, a games room or even as a home bar! The possibilities are endless.

Cellar & Basement Conversions

If you want to convert your cellar or basement into a living space, you’ll need to ensure that it’s fully watertight. Otherwise, you risk damaging the décor when damp inevitably seeps in. You also run the risk of introducing mould into your home. Mould can cause all manner of problems, from health issues to structural damage.

Basement Conversion

Cellars are accessed via steps that go below the home. Sometimes these are inside, but in some cases you’ll have to leave the house to get to the stairs if they’re located outdoors. This can create a sense of privacy. Cellars with outdoor access could easily be converted into self-contained bedsits. An area like this offers the potential of extra income if you choose to rent the room to holidaymakers.

Get In Touch With Dampshield For Your Tanking Services

Our team are experienced in all aspects of tanking and damp proofing. If you have a space below your home that you’d like to convert into a liveable room, get in touch today. We’d be happy to help you make your plans a reality.

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