Mushrooms Growing Inside The Home

Why Are Mushrooms Growing In My Home?

Mushrooms are an essential component of a classic full English breakfast. However, as delicious as they are, mushrooms do not belong on the walls and ceilings of your home. Often a result of a condition called dry rot, rogue mushrooms usually indicate that there’s a damp problem that urgently needs resolving.

Are Mushrooms In The Home Dangerous?

Finding a mushroom growing from your wall can be alarming. They are not usually the type of mushroom that have dangerous, toxic spores. If you’ve found them in a small patch, you shouldn’t be at risk of any health issues. Although, anyone who has a pre-existing health condition that affects their immune system should be cautious.

However, the growth of mushrooms does indicate that your home may have structural issues. So it’s very important to deal with the matter quickly. Mushrooms grow on timber, and the timber that they’re growing on will be their only source of water. This means that they suck out moisture, leaving the timber that frames your home fragile. If you leave this untreated, your home could become unsafe and even fall apart.

Small Mushroom Growing On Ceiling

What Causes Mushrooms To Grow In The Home?

Mushrooms grow in moist environments. Excess moisture can be a result of rising damp, condensation issues, floods, or leaky plumbing to name a few. Their presence is a clear indicator that the damp issues that you have are significant, and require immediate attention.

How To Remove Mushrooms From The Home

You’ll probably be tempted to remove the mushrooms as soon as you see them. You can scrape them off, but they’ll almost certainly come back. Mushrooms are a symptom of a much deeper issue, so you must call in a damp expert to examine your home and find out how to treat the issue.  

Squirrel Eating A Mushroom

Can I Eat Them?

Please do not attempt to eat any mushrooms that are growing in your home.

Can Mushrooms Grow Overnight?

Yes. It’s surprising how quickly mushrooms can grow under the right conditions. Mushrooms grow very quickly because they spread their spores in a very efficient way. This is why it’s important to treat the issues quickly. They are able to spread rapidly, and if left for too long they can cause a lot of damage.

If You’ve Found Mushrooms In Your Home, Call Dampshield South Wales

It can be scary to come across mushrooms growing in your home, but you don’t need to worry. Contact Dampshield today. Our team can come out and assess your home, then create a plan of action to resolve the issue.

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